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Pilates for men
Maggio 30, 2024

Everyone has surely heard of Pilates, but few know what it really consists of.

In our previous articles we talked quite a lot about the origin of the method and the history of its creator, and today we are here to reiterate that its founder was indeed a man, Joseph Pilates precisely. 

If today in the popular imagination Pilates is basically associated with the female world, originally this activity was born almost exclusively for men, specifically for boxers, the first practitioners who visited J. Pilates’ New York studio on a daily basis.

To date, many sportsmen, including dancers, soccer players or professional athletes, chose to attend many pilates classes to improve their physical performance, but this low-impact activity is truly suitable for everyone. 

So let’s see why men should start practicing Pilates too. 

  • it increases strength and muscular endurance, developing long and flexible muscles, harmonizing the various body districts and fortifying the ‘core’ (originally called power house)
  • it improves flexibility, compensating for a deep and slow stretching that is often lacking in traditional sports, such as weight lifting or running
  • it corrects posture, seeking the correct body alignments, which is often compromised by bad daily habits or incorrect but frequently repeated attitudes in other types of training, which in the long run can cause back pain, neck pain or even groin pain 
  • it improves sports performance thanks to the strengthening of the deep muscles which allows to distribute weights and efforts evenly and to the prevention of injuries through better stability and joint functionality 
  • it improves mood as a large number of endorphins is released during training, known also as the “hormone of happiness”
  • it promotes the health of the pelvic floor, which, contrary to popular belief, is also extremely important for men in order to guarantee the functionality of the excretory and sexual organs, but which is too often neglected by traditional sports 
  • it reduces stress, since it is an activity that works not only on the body, but also and above all on the mind… During a pilates class it will be absolutely impossible for you to think of anything else, try to believe! 

Still not convinced? We are waiting for you for a free class in our studios!

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