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Do you love running? That’s why you should start pilates.
Maggio 2, 2024

Carving out time for yourself, especially to play sports, isn’t always easy. Even more difficult is to imagine embracing two sports at the same time! If you are passionate about running, however, there are excellent reasons to start pilates as well: let’s see some of them. 

The greatest advantage of running is probably the fact that it can be practiced without the need for gym memberships or set times. However, it is also true that if everyone can run, not everyone is able to do it effectively and without the risk of injury. Let’s consider posture for example. The right shoes can certainly help to reduce discomfort for both feet and knees, but posture is the basis of everything. Pilates works constantly on the “power house“, that is the complex of muscles between the final part of the ribcage and the pelvis. Strengthening those muscles, toning the trunk and learning how to stabilize the pelvis, allow you to maintain an even more proper posture. 

A correct posture, as a consequence, leads to better weight distribution, preventing discomfort or injuries to the spine and joints. Since we are speaking of incorrect supports, we cannot avoid to mention our beloved pilates machines, the perfect allies to highlight misalignments and improve proprioception

Are you still not sure if come and try it? Here are two more reasons why you definitely should: first of all pilates helps to acquire greater awareness of one’s breathing, an essential factor in any kind of sports. Second, let’s go on coming to the concept of flexibility: the balance between agonist and antagonist muscles and a good elasticity of the fibers, especially of the lower limbs, are extremely important to avoid muscle tensions that can cause sprains or strains. 

Pilates is a great way to tone up your deep muscles, stabilizing the pelvis and spine, increasing proprioception, correct breathing and overall flexibility

The main benefits of Pilates are of great help for everyone who wants to enjoy his beloved ride without discomfort or pain.

Are you finally tempted to try? 

We are waiting for you in our studios: we offer pilates lessons from Monday to Saturday!

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