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Approfondimenti e articolI del mondo del benessere

Carving out time for yourself, especially to play sports, isn’t always easy. Even more difficult is to imagine embracing two sports at the same time! If you are passionate about running, however, there are excellent reasons to start pilates as well: let’s see some of them.  The greatest advantage of running is probably the fact […]

Have you ever thought about how Pilates can improve your work activity? More and more studies are recently focusing on the importance of physical activity in our daily lives, mainly as far as our psychophysical well-being is concerned, but not only! Spending many hours at work, often sitting at the desk on uncomfortable chairs and […]

We have already talked about the main differences between Pilates Matwork and Pilates on machines, but do you know the history of this wonderful discipline?  Pilates Matwork is the basis from which all other kind of pilates training developed, including various exercises that are practiced both on the Reformer and Cadillac.  The original sequence designed […]